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Deborah Gunderson

Deborah Gunderson


Customer Service Representative in Houston

What is your role at Pipeline?

Customer service support to Sales and customers

When did you start (Month/Year) at Pipeline?

December 2009


Husband, 3 children all married and five grandboys.



What do you enjoy about living in your state/area?

Sun every day!


Family, gardening, travel and home decorating

Pet peeves?

When people don’t use their turn signal

Who has been the greatest inspiration in your life?

My kids

Read any good books?

Not in a long time

Favorite movie? 

Home Alone

Favorite color?


Favorite food? 


What is something that you think no one knows about you?

I’m a cancer survivor

What would you want other people to know about you?

I live by “what is the right thing,” meaning always do the right thing and take responsibility for your own actions.  

What 1 word best describes you?


What do you enjoy most about working at Pipeline?

The people

Good People at the Core.

Sean Smith

Director of Marketing in Cleveland

What is your role at Pipeline? Making steel pails look sexy, hiding my crayons from the others and looking dumb when someone has Excel questions when I’m really a master at it.

Julie Lovelace

Inside Sales Rep in Dallas

What is your role at Pipeline? Inside sales for the Houston area