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Sean Smith

sean smith


Salesforce Administrator

What is your role at Pipeline?

Making steel pails look sexy, hiding my crayons from the others and looking dumb when someone has Excel questions when I’m really a master at it.

When did you start (Month/Year) at Pipeline?

May 2011


Mother, father, and older sister


I share my house with a small, dust-based civilization. They are everywhere and, at night, I think I hear them singing spiritual songs.

What do you enjoy about living in your state/area?

Ohio is a hidden gem with so much to do. The weather is typically mild. Cleveland is a foodie’s dream come true – and we have the second largest theater district in the world (after Broadway).


Movies and theater, hiking, reading, eating/drinking with friends, Celtic festivals and planning how the world will be when I take over.

Pet peeves?

People who won’t get out of the passing lane, grammar and spelling errors (I had to learn English and you can, too), people who call a kilt a skirt.

Who has been the greatest inspiration in your life?

Absolutely my parents. (whispers) They paid me $20 to say that…

Read any good books?

The original Don Quixote, Dante’s Inferno (again, the original), In Praise of the Stepmother and anything by Julio Cortázar

Favorite movie?

Anything Disney/Marvel/Star Wars or funny. I’m also getting into historical fiction.

Favorite color?

Gray, purple, blue and colors that look different depending on the light.

Favorite food? 

Chinese buffets!

What is something that you think no one knows about you?

I wear kilts when I’m not on business. I also sang for Pope John Paul II

What would you want other people to know about you?

That I enjoy good company, good food and good drink – not necessarily in that order and I determine what “good” is!

What 1 word best describes you?

Warped (with a smile on my face)

What do you enjoy most about working at Pipeline?

The people and culture. We share a lot with everyone who works here. The former owner (now CEO as we are an ESOP) is one of the most fascinating men I’ve ever met. Having an Italian admin assistant is the best for food (and the worst for my waistline)!

Good People at the Core.

Wayne Rasberry

Warehouse Manager in Baton Rouge

What is your role at Pipeline? Oversee daily operations of the warehouse, as well as working on our custom catalyst drums.

Kevin Knecht

Inventory Analyst in Cleveland

What is your role at Pipeline? Monitor re-order points, approve purchase reqs, submit work orders to our Core Services department