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Vera Billington

Vera Billington, Customer Service Representative in Atlanta, GA

  • Title: Customer Service Representative in Atlanta, GA

  • How would you describe your role at Pipeline? Working with customers to help solve their packaging needs.

  • When did you start at Pipeline? May 2008

  • Family? Son, daughter, daughter-in-law, soon to be son-in-law and four beautiful grandchildren

  • What do you enjoy most about living in your area/state? We have beautiful weather and mild winters. The humidity is rough sometimes but all-in-all very nice weather. Beautiful lakes for boating, country music concerts, symphony concerts, and hiking.

  • Hobbies? I enjoy reading, walking on trails, and hanging out with family.

  • Pet peeves? People who do not use their turn signals!

  • Who has been the greatest inspiration in your life? Grandmother, mother and sisters

  • Read any good books? Everything about Mark by N.T. Wright

  • Favorite movie? Gone with the Wind

  • Favorite Color? Purple

  • Favorite Food? Chicken and anything chocolate

  • What is something you think no one knows about you? That I have an identical twin sister

  • What would you want other people to know about you? That I stay true to myself. I am a positive person. Negativity takes up to much energy. I never try to be someone I’m not.

  • What 1 word best describes you? Vivacious

  • What do you enjoy most about working at Pipeline? Working together as a team to take care of Pipeline customers. Customers First! That is our motto!

Good People at the Core.

Josh Stewart

Inside Sales Representative in Cleveland, OH

What is your role at Pipeline? To generate and nuture the business pipeline

Jim Zuidema

Sales Representative in Detroit, MI

How would you describe your role at Pipeline? To provide valued services and packaging items to customers in Michigan and Northern Indiana