0.5 oz Natural Plastic LDPE Boston Round Bottle, Neck Finish 15-415

Products specifications
Capacity0.5 oz
StyleBoston Round
Neck Finish15-415
Weight3.5 g
Case Qty800
Pallet Qty28000
Country of OriginUSA

Discover the versatile 0.5 oz Natural LDPE Boston Round Plastic Bottle, featuring a 15-415 neck finish, designed for multiple applications across various industries. Crafted from Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE), this container boasts flexibility, impact resistance, and a translucent natural color allowing for content visibility. Due to the extensive variety, it is sold without a closure, enabling users to personalize with caps and closures from our broad assortment, suited to diverse requirements.

This Boston Round is widely utilized in industries like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food & beverage, cannabis,hemp, CBD and laboratory sectors. In pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, it’s the go-to for packaging small quantities of liquid formulations, serums, oils, and samples due to its secure sealing capability. The food & beverage industry prefers it for its excellent containment of flavors, extracts, and condiments. Laboratory applications include storage of chemicals and reagents owing to its leak-proof nature.

Additionally, explore the availability of more colors and neck finishes to match your specific needs. Add this product to your Wishlist and browse our wide selection to find the perfect match for your packaging demands. For availability and more, call us or explore our extensive range to find the right packaging solution for your products.

Opt for the 0.5 oz Natural LDPE Boston Round for a compact, customizable, and versatile packaging experience across multiple sectors. Partner with Pipeline Packaging for all your bottle needs.

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