Household Cleaning Products Packaging:
Cleaning Spray Bottles and Other Containers

It’s a challenge to find cost-effective cleaning product packaging solutions for household chemicals and cleaners. At Pipeline Packaging, we supply businesses with quick turnarounds for reliable containers and closures. Whether you need wholesale containers for a cleaning company or manufacture your own household products, Pipeline is the right packaging supply company for you.

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Cleaning Markets Served

At Pipeline, we work with a variety of businesses in need of the right cleaning product packaging. Thanks to our relationships with more than 400 manufacturers around the globe, we can help you invest in the perfect disinfectant containers, plastic spray bottles, and other household chemicals and cleaning products packaging. These capabilities allow us to serve a wide variety of markets and end users, including the following.

  • Janitorial companies
  • Household cleaning companies
  • Disaster cleanup businesses
  • Household chemical manufacturers

Types of Cleaning Products Packaging

If you need cleaning product packaging, we can help you find the right containers and closures for your exact needs. Our access to a vast range of products allows us to deliver cost-effective solutions that are not only durable enough for your chemicals but also available via timely shipping that keeps your business on schedule.

From janitorial spray bottles and detergent bottles to twin necks and packers, Pipeline has you covered when you need quality, leak-proof packaging. Speaking of covers, we can help you with chemical-resistant trigger sprayers with adjustable nozzles, sifter caps, and other types of closures as well. We’ll help pair you with the right components that will make your cleaning products shine.


Plastic Bottles (HDPE)

  • Industrial Rounds
  • Carafe (Decanter)
  • F-Style Bottles
  • Cylinder Bottles

Plastic Pails (HDPE)

  • Open Head Pails
  • Rectangular Tight Head Pails
  • Round Tight Head Pails

Plastic closures (Polypropylene and HPDE)

  • Trigger Sprayers
  • Dispensing Pumps
  • Dispensing Caps
  • Screw Caps
  • Sifter Caps

Related Cleaning Product Packaging Services

When you’re ready to invest in packaging for household chemicals and cleaners, your supplier should provide more than just containers and closures. Pipeline strives to serve as more than any ordinary packaging distributor. That's why we offer several value-added core services to help you streamline your business, reduce resource costs, and increase market share

Pipeline’s customers can testify that we take a proactive approach to help you ensure consistent product availability, invest in reliable packaging, and experience top-notch customer service. The following value-added services help make Pipeline a true partner for all your packaging needs.

Global Sourcing

Our extensive network of manufacturers around the globe gives you access to cost-effective packaging solutions to suit your product’s exact needs.

Warehousing and Just-in-Time Delivery

We have more than 1,000,000-plus square feet of warehouse space to provide convenient stocking space and custom delivery programs.

Inventory Management

Our experts work with you to maintain the optimal amount of inventory through inventory classification, stocking stock programs, forecasting, and job sequencing.

Packaging Concepts

Need cleaning product packaging that sets your containers apart from the competition? Our design team can assist with minor modifications and completely custom packaging concepts.

Package Assembly and Decoration

Our in-house assembly and decoration team can reduce labor and administrative costs through package palletizing, container modification, and other services.

Engineering and Testing

With our strategic partnership, Pipeline can ensure the compatibility of your cleaning products' packaging through structural testing, compatibility analysis, and other key analysis for leak-proof containers and closures.

Pipeline Packaging: The Right Cleaning Products Packaging Supply Company for Your Household Chemicals

When you need quality, cost-effective packaging for household chemicals and cleaners, Pipeline is here to help. Our goal is to help you invest in a reliable packaging for the right price, whether that’s spray bottles for cleaning solutions, disinfectant packaging, or any other product need. With our selection and packaging services, we're the right partner for all your cleaning product requirements.

Ready to invest in the best, most cost-effective household chemical and cleaning packaging? Contact Pipeline Packaging today to learn more about our packaging options and design capabilities.

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