Packaging Inventory Management

Pipeline maintains the optimal amount of inventory for each of its customers by using advanced software and best-in-class inventory practices.

Best-in-Class Inventory Classification, Planning and Labor Management

Packaging inventory management is critical to ensure continuous operations and sales fulfillment. Less-than-optimal management will result in incomplete order fulfillment, incorrect shipments, or last-minute fire drills to your staff and vendors hoping they’ll be able to get inventory to you in time. Why risk the stress?

On top of these headaches, business-critical supplies take up space in your warehouse that could be used for more important business processes. And do you even know how much money this inventory space costs you?

For most organizations, warehouses are typically overstocked in an effort to avoid supply shortages, and having too much in stock is only costing more space than you have available.

Packaging inventory often accounts for up to 30 percent of warehouse storage for manufacturing companies. It can be a tricky balance. How do you make sure that you have the packaging you need, while also using your warehouse efficiently? At some point, you might run out of space and inadvertently stall company growth by not having enough room to store more products.

Our packaging inventory management might be the solution. Pipeline Packaging has a complete program with a la carte options. We help you where you need help and make recommendations on what makes the most sense for your own team to manage. Give Pipeline a call for an assessment of your packaging inventory management needs.

Pipeline Packaging's supply chain specialists use the following approach when managing customer inventories:

Packaging Inventory Management - Classification

Packaging Inventory Management - Classification

  • Determines the Optimal Amount of Safety Stock
  • Accounts for Supplier Lead Time Variability
  • Reduction of Carrying Costs
Packaging Inventory Management

Packaging Inventory Management - Planning

  • Optimal Product Levels Purchased
  • Increase Inventory Turn Times
    • Less Assets Tied Up
    • Decrease Holding and Operating Costs
  • Improve Forecasts Through Feedback Metrics
  • Usage Analysis
Packaging Inventory Management - Labor

Packaging Inventory Management - Labor

  • Job Sequencing for Packaging Projects:
    • Bundling Shipments
    • Product Modification
    • Product Assembly
    • Make to Order
    • Make to Stock
  • Optimal Amounts of Labor to Receive and Store Packages
  • Pallet Maximization
Packaging Inventory Management

Pipeline's ability to manage customer inventory levels through our warehouses provides several key benefits:

  • Consolidates packaging needs across multiple business units
  • Better leverages manufacturing base for specific customer requirements
  • Provides visibility into inventory history and trends via status reports

Call Pipeline Packaging today to learn how our packaging inventory management programs can positively impact your organization.

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