Sustainable Packaging
Is Always an Option

Sustainable packaging can be a cost effective and easy strategy to decrease a company’s carbon footprint.

Sustainable – or eco-friendly – packaging has become more prevalent in recent years. Response to consumer demand as well as an increase in individual state’s legislation ensures we will see more ecologically sensitive packaging in the future.

Legislation will significantly impact how businesses package and ship product across state lines. California’s Proposition 65 ( provides an excellent example of businesses – inside and out of the state – affected by the need for sustainable packaging.

For approximately the same cost, packaging can easily be made more eco-friendly by:

post content resin

Reducing virgin material content in favor of post-consumer resins [PCR]

Reduce weight improved energy

Reducing gram weight to decrease fuel/energy consumption and material waste

undercoated packing containers

Utilizing more uncoated corrugate packaging whenever possible

reduce high water content and weight

Reduce products with a high-water content to a concentrate to:

  • Decrease Package size
  • Decrease Size and Weight to Ship
Shipping and Freight

Using packaging/palletizing designs that maximize the number of containers per shipment

reconditioned packing

Considering the use of reconditioned packaging such as drums and IBC totes

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