Please find below some of the most frequently asked questions [FAQ] that we receive.

Packaging Services

I’d like a unique package for my product. Can Pipeline help?

Yes! Keep in mind that “unique package” appearance and “custom design” are two different things. Custom design is certainly one way to achieve a unique shelf appearance for your product.

If your business needs more cost-conscious alternatives, consider “stock” (e.g. packaging that is already being produced) options with a unique shape. Colors – whether opaque or translucent – can be altered to impact their first appearance. The color of the closure might also be considered.

Also look at labeling/decorating. The market is seeing a lot more creativity in this arena, with unique cutouts. Treatments such as heat-sensitive and texture (consider a gravelly texture for a slippery product) provide food for thought and a strong impression on the retail shelf.

Our packaging suffers from quality issues. How can Pipeline Packaging assist us?

Pipeline Packaging is here to help pinpoint packaging issues and correct them. Quality works with the manufacturer to identify production and shipment issues. Our sales department works more directly with customers to verify that the packaging is being stored, handled, filled, and distributed within the container’s specifications.

Do you have a stocking program?

Yes, we can create a Just-in-Time [JIT] stocking program that will help ensure your packaging is available when you need it.

Can you assist with packaging artwork design?

Yes! Simply let your Pipeline Packaging sales rep know that you need assistance and we can help with graphic design elements.

Do you work with closing tools? We think ours is wearing out and want to know our options.

Yes! In addition to selling them, we also offer a closing tool repair and loan program. More information is available on that page as well as a downloadable crimping guide.

Product Packaging

How do I obtain spec sheets for the packaging I order from Pipeline?

Spec sheets are available for our products shown online. Simply do a quick search for the item in question, choose that package and click the Spec Sheet button. You can also contact your Pipeline Sales Rep or CSR. Alternatively, contact us online with the package’s ID number and request the spec sheet.

How do I know if your packaging and my product are compatible?

Pipeline Packaging is happy to provide samples for you to test your product’s compatibility. Please be certain to test as we can make no guarantee for any intended use. While Pipeline can help with some general compatibility information, customers assume full responsibility and liability for package compatibility with their product.

How do I know where or how much of the container can be labeled/printed?

Pipeline’s spec sheets include decorating information. You can either click the Spec Sheet button next to the product on our website or contact your sales rep/CSR and request a spec sheet.

Do you stock items other than what appears on your site?

Yes, we do. The products on our site represent what is typically warehoused at our locations. Pipeline Packaging has access to thousands of additional SKUs. If you don’t see what you’re looking for contact us online or reach out to your sales rep/CSR to further discuss your needs or 877.242.1880

What UN rating do I need for my packaging?

We will be happy to provide you with information regarding UN rating requirements. You are required by law to test your product with the packaging.

Packaging LogisticsPackaging Logistics / Warehousing

How does Pipeline Packaging keep track of my company’s inventory?

One of the benefits of using Pipeline Packaging’s warehouses is that we closely monitor your inventory and can have dedicated stock on hand. For example, some customers need a consistent supply of specific products. We can maintain stock for that customer, monitor supply levels, and reorder as necessary. We do this by understanding how many products the customer uses per year, quarter and month. Tracking this level of detail helps us maintain inventory and gives customers peace of mind.

Can Pipeline Packaging help my company track and manage lead times for ordering products?

Absolutely. Many customers need a variety of packaging products. Lead times vary by product and monitoring when to order each product is an around-the-clock job. Pipeline Packaging’s inventory management systems and expertise mean we can track fluctuating lead times to help customers have the product they need when they need it.

Can Pipeline Packaging label items for us?

Labeling products can be quite a labor intensive. Pipeline Packaging’s in-house package design and assembly services can take that burden off your hands by printing and applying labels and then assembling the product for shipment. For example, we can order plain containers, get them sleeved, and attach a rachet sprayer — saving you time and warehouse space.

What about repacking, does Pipeline Packaging do that?

One of the benefits of our warehouses is that we have the room and equipment to handle a variety of repacking needs. For instance, drums are delivered on a tractor-trailer and are not palletized. Our team can repack drums on a wood pallet and position the drums so that all fittings are at a 45° angle making for easy and efficient filling.

Our repacking services are especially useful when parts come from different suppliers and then need to be assembled. For example, some customers might have a plastic pail that needs a steel pail insert and then a metal cover attached to the entire unit. Our team orders the products needed and handles all the assembly.

Does Pipeline Packaging have its own fleet of trucks?

Pipeline Packaging takes a hybrid approach to shipping. Some of our warehouses have trucks for local delivery. In addition, we have a longstanding relationship with a national logistics provider and they coordinate everything with their highly-qualified network of carriers.

About Pipeline Packaging

Why partner with a distributor instead of the manufacturer?

Going direct to a manufacturer is a strategy that only a few, very large companies can accomplish and be satisfied. Why? Manufacturers deal only in high volumes with no alterations or deviations from what they normally produce.

As a distributor, Pipeline Packaging leverages its buying power so that you still receive competitive pricing. Unlike manufacturers, we offer a great deal of flexibility through our Core Services which allow you to modify stock packaging/palletizing, enjoy just-in-time delivery, consider custom packaging design and other benefits. Manufacturers simply aren’t equipped to be as nimble.

What is your service area?

With Pipeline locations throughout the continental Unites States, we have a 1-2-day delivery radius from one of our warehouses to most places in the country. Consider setting up a JIT delivery program in conjunction with one of our warehouses to help reduce your stockouts and ensure an increase in productivity.

Is your packaging made in the USA?

Most of our packaging is made in the USA. We can also globally source containers to help reduce costs or meet other strategic needs.

Do you have a minimum order?

Yes, we ask our customers to respect a $500 minimum order to help keep labor costs down and your pricing reasonable.

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