1 Gallon Metal F-Style Can, Unlined, 42 mm Rel, 610x907, UN Rated

Products specifications
Capacity1 gal
UN RatingY1.2/100
Dimensions4-3/16 in L x 6-5/8 in W x 9-7/16 in H
Opening42 mm Rel
Weight0.8 lbs
Pallet Qty720
Pallet Weight370 lbs
Country of OriginUSA

F-style cans like this 1 Gallon Unlined F-style Can are a popular choice when packaging adhesives, insecticides, oils, paint thinners, lubricants, and turpentine among other things. Its ability to handle these sensitive substances makes F-style cans a common selection for industrial, automotive, and cleaning industries.

Standing at 4-3/16” long by 6-5/8” wide by 9-7/16” high, the slender oblong body allows the 45578 to fit into tight spaces. Its square build allows for some stackability while the rounded edges of the Unlined F-Style Can maximizes the internal volume. The flat bottom provides a stable base to prevent tipping.

Made in the USA, the 45578’s other primary strength is its tin construction. Though steel and plastic are the most popular industrial packaging materials, tin brings a unique blend of characteristics. Tin displays durability like steel, but malleable like plastic. This combination protects stored materials from potential impact damages, which is crucial for preventing leaks and spills with sensitive substances. The tin construction of the Unlined F-Style Can is also a preservative, creating a tight seal that blocks moisture and mildew from stored product. Easily recycled and reused throughout its life, tin is a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution.

This oblong can comes with a matching tin handle fastened to the top panel. The handle sits low and flat to save space while maintaining a mechanism for easy maneuverability. A 42 mm Rel opening sits behind the handle, giving the user controlled access to material. Though the Unlined F-style Can does not come with a closure, you can find one geared to your precise needs using Pipeline Packaging’s online inventory.

With a Y1.2/100 UN rating, the Unlined F-style Can arrives unlined. If your operation requires protective linings, Pipeline offers a broad range of available lined Visit our Metal Cans Collection.

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Ref #: 45578