1 Gallon Metal Paint Can, Gold Lined, 610 x 711, No Ears, w/ VPPA Stripe, 610 x 711 (Bulk Pallet)

Products specifications
Capacity1 gal
Dimensions6-5/8 in Dia x 7-11/16 in H
Weight0.596 lbs
Pallet Qty336
Pallet Weight250 lbs
Country of OriginUSA

Ensure the utmost protection for your contents with our 1 Gallon Metal Paint Can, featuring a premium gold lining and innovative VPPA stripe. This can is designed for industries requiring the highest level of content integrity, including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and high-end paints. The gold phenolic lining offers excellent chemical resistance, while the unique VPPA (Volatile Polyamid Powder Application) stripe provides an additional layer of protection by covering weld margins post-weld, preventing any interaction between the weld areas and the contents.

Our bulk pallet option allows for cost-effective purchasing, making it ideal for large-scale operations that require consistent quality and reliability. The can's design, without ears and a pre-supplied lid, offers flexibility in choosing the right closure from our extensive selection of lids, caps, and covers to suit specific needs.

These cans are perfect for applications where contamination control and long-term storage stability are critical. Due to the variety of options available, we encourage you to contact us at 1.877.242.1880 to ensure availability or to request a quote tailored to your specific requirements. Secure your supply of our advanced metal paint cans today and maintain the purity and safety of your products.

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