1 Gallon Yellow & Varnished Round Metal Paint Can, Gray Coated Ring

Products specifications
Capacity1 gal
Pallet Qty336
Country of OriginUSA

Discover the perfect storage solution for your painting needs with our 1 Gallon Yellow & Varnished Round Metal Paint Can, available at Pipeline Packaging. This robust can features a sleek gray-coated ring, adding an extra layer of durability and style. The vibrant yellow varnish not only enhances its appearance but also provides additional protection against rust and wear, ensuring your contents stay safe and uncontaminated.

Ideal for a variety of applications, this metal paint can is versatile enough to hold paint, stains, lacquers, and other chemical products. Its sturdy construction makes it suitable for industrial use, yet its aesthetic appeal allows it to fit seamlessly into more creative and decorative settings. Please note that this can does not include a cover, allowing for easy access and use.

For all your metal paint can requirements, turn to Pipeline Packaging. We offer a comprehensive selection of packaging solutions to meet every need. Contact us today at 8787.242.1880 to discuss your specific requirements or fill out our online request for quote form. Let us help you find the ideal packaging solution that combines functionality with style.

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