1 Liter Clear Plastic PET Liquid Bottle, 28 Kerr Neck Finish, 53 Gram

Products specifications
Capacity1 l
Neck Finish28 Kerr
Weight53 g
Pallet Qty1408
Country of OriginUSA

The 1 Liter Clear Plastic PET Liquid Bottle, with a 28 Kerr Neck Finish and weighing 53 grams, is an exemplary choice for packaging various liquids, ensuring both quality and safety. The bottle requires a 28 mm KERR cap to assure a secure and tamper-evident seal. A KERR neck finish is distinguished by a detachable ring which, upon twisting, breaks away, leaving the cap intact on the bottle, ensuring the product's integrity until it reaches the end user.

This PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) bottle is renowned for its clarity, strength, and lightweight attributes, making it an ideal solution for beverages, cleaning agents, and other liquid products. The advantages of using PET include its recyclability and resistance to microbial growth, maintaining the product’s purity and freshness. Additionally, PET's transparent nature allows for easy product visibility, boosting consumer confidence. This bottle is a versatile and reliable packaging option that meets diverse industry needs, delivering functionality and aesthetic appeal. Explore below for matching products to complete your packaging requirements, assuring the optimum safety and presentation of your liquid products.

This bottle is sold without a closure, so please reach out to Pipeline Packaging for the most compatible closure for your PET bottle. You can directly contact them to discuss the various closure options available to find the ideal fit for your needs. For a quote or further assistance, fill out the Request for Quote form or contact us at 877.242.1880. Pipeline Packaging is dedicated to helping you secure the best solutions for your packaging needs, ensuring the safety and integrity of your product.

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