1 Pint Cone Top Can, 1 1/8" Beta, Unlined, 211x600 (Bulk Pallet)

Products specifications
Capacity1 pt
StyleCone Top
Dimensions2-11/16 in Dia x 6 in H
Opening1 1/8" Beta
Weight0.141 lbs
Pallet Qty4320
Pallet Weight355 lbs
Country of OriginUSA

Our 1-Pint Cone stands 6 inches high with a diameter of 2-11/16 inches and its narrow cylindrical dimensions make it a perfect packaging solution for efficient storage and shipping. The top of the can’s body is a cone-style top with a 1 1/8” beta opening. The neck can seal with a screw cap. Though this unit does not come with a screw cap, Pipeline Packaging’s commitment to flexible solutions allows us to offer various lids so you can find what best suits your specific needs. The tapered neck allows for seamless and regulated filling and pouring. The 47435's structure pairs particularly well with holding liquids.

Besides its design, the 1 Pint Cone Top is constructed using tin. Its material build makes it an incredibly lightweight product, weighing in at just 0.141 lbs. when empty. Tin is characterized by its malleability that protects your product from impact. As a non-reactive metal, tin can also resist certain chemicals while preserving the purity of substances. This 1 Pint Cone Top Can comes unlined, making its tin material alongside the can style particularly adaptable for a plethora of products such as paint thinners, colorants, automotive additives, brake fluids, solvents, and so much more.

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SKU: P116990
Ref #: 47435