1 Quart Round Metal Paint Can, Gold Phenolic Lining w/ Cover, VPPA Strip

Products specifications
Capacity1 qt
Dimensions4-1/4 in Dia x 4-7/8 in H
Weight0.263 lbs
Case Qty56
Pallet Qty2016
Country of OriginUSA

Secure your products with our 1 Quart Round Metal Paint Can, designed with a gold phenolic lining and an innovative VPPA strip to ensure the highest level of protection for your contents. The VPPA strip is a specialized polyamid powder coating applied post-weld to seamlessly cover the weld margins, effectively preventing any interaction between the weld areas and the can's contents. This advanced lining technique, combined with the standard gold phenolic lining applied during the lithography process, ensures that the integrity of your contents is maintained without compromise.

Ideal for a variety of uses, from industrial applications to personal projects, this metal paint can is engineered to provide superior durability and safety for any type of content. If you're uncertain about which type of metal paint can is best suited for your specific needs, our experts are readily available to provide guidance and support. Call us today at 877.242.1880 to discuss your requirements and find the perfect packaging solution.

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