10-20 Curtec Liter Dark Blue HDPE Plastic Screw Top for 20 Liter Click Pack Pail w/ Gasket, UN Rated

Products specifications
Capacity10-20 l
StyleScrew Top Cover
UN Rating1H2/X17.5/Y26/Z39/S
Weight0.52911 lbs
Pallet Qty200
Country of OriginNetherlands

The UN Rated 10-20 Liter CurTec Dark Blue HDPE Plastic Screw Top is a key accessory for the 20 Liter Click Pack Pail, designed to provide a secure and reliable closure for your storage needs. This screw top, complete with a gasket for enhanced sealing, is specifically tailored to fit the 20 Liter Click Pack Pail (Pipeline part number 512060), which is sold separately. The combination of this lid with the pail forms a robust solution for storing a variety of products, from pharmaceuticals to food ingredients. The dark blue color of the lid not only adds a distinctive look but also helps in quick identification and sorting in storage environments.

This CurTecscrew top stands out for its ease of use. Closing the Click Pack pail is straightforward and can be done by hand, following the manual's instructions. This feature is particularly advantageous in fast-paced or high-volume environments, where efficiency and ease of operation are paramount. Moreover, the lid's design ensures a tight and secure fit, effectively protecting the contents from external elements and contamination.

For those looking for even more convenience, the Lid Locker is an excellent addition. Sold separately, this simple tool enhances the ease of opening and closing the Click Pack pail. It allows for the creation of more torque with less effort, making it a practical choice for repetitive use or when handling multiple containers. This ergonomic tool is especially useful in reducing the physical strain associated with manual operations.

Pipeline Packaging is committed to providing comprehensive support for their products. Whether you need assistance in choosing the right lid for your Click Pack pail or have any queries regarding the product, Pipeline Packaging is ready to help. Customers can easily request a quote online or speak to a live customer service representative at 877.242.1880 for expert guidance and support in navigating the range of Click Pack pails and accessories.

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