1.1 Liter Silver Aluminum Bottle with Tamper Proof Cap & Ring

Products specifications
Capacity1.1 l
AccessoriesTamper Proof Ring
Cap43 mm Teflon TE F217 Lnd Cap
Case Qty72
Country of OriginIndia

Pipeline offers a seamless no plug aluminum bottle line. Our bottles are made from the highest quality aluminum alloy with 99.5 % pure aluminum. Each bottle is made with over 10% more aluminum than the competitor’s, or 15 grams. More aluminum means heavier wall thickness for a stronger, more durable bottle. You can feel the difference by squeezing the two bottles with your hands, Pipeline’s is stronger. Our bottles are thoroughly cleaned by a ten minute Alkaline wash with three water rinses and baked dry at 90 to 100 degrees C. An independent laboratory tested our bottles with our Teflon-lined caps as required in CFR 49 section 173.27 pressure test. Hazmatpac’s new no plug Teflon-lined cap maintains the standard opening size with eliminating the need for a plug.

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