110-400 White Metal Cap, Plastisol Liner, No Button

Products specifications
Neck Finish110-400
Weight0.09 lbs
Case Qty400
Country of OriginUSA

The 110-400 White Metal Cap with a Plastisol Liner and No Button is an exceptional choice for sealing and preserving the integrity of your products. Designed specifically for glass containers, this cap ensures a tight and secure fit, thanks to its precise cap thread ID of 4.215 inches and a minimum curl OD of 4.441 inches. The plastisol liner, with a thickness of .025 inches, offers additional sealing capabilities, making it ideal for a wide range of applications, from food and beverage to pharmaceuticals. Its white metal construction not only provides durability but also adds a sleek, professional look to your packaging.

This versatile cap is suitable for industries that require reliable sealing solutions for their glass containers. Whether you're in the food and beverage sector looking to preserve the freshness of your products, or in the healthcare industry needing secure packaging for pharmaceuticals, this cap meets a broad spectrum of uses. Its design without a button simplifies the packaging process and enhances the user experience by providing a smooth, easy-to-open closure.

Sold separately, the 110-400 White Metal Cap allows for flexibility in inventory management and reduces waste by enabling you to order exactly what you need. This feature is especially beneficial for small businesses and startups that require high-quality packaging solutions without the commitment to large quantities. It also allows for customization and scalability, accommodating the growing needs of your business.

For those interested in the 110-400 White Metal Cap with a Plastisol Liner and No Button, you can reach out to us at 877.242.1880 or request a quote online. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best packaging solutions, ensuring that your products are sealed with quality and care. With our cap, you can elevate the presentation of your products while ensuring their safety and longevity.

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