110-400 White PP Matte Top, Ribbed Sides, Screw Cap with PS Liner, Printed for HDPE

Products specifications
TypeMatte Top, Ribbed Sides
StyleContinuous Thread
Neck Finish110-400
LinerPS, Printed for HDPE
Weight0.0602 lbs
Case Qty216
Pallet Qty7560
Country of OriginUSA

Elevate your packaging with our 110-400 White PP Matte Top Screw Cap, designed with ribbed sides and featuring a PS Liner, specifically printed for HDPE. Made from durable polypropylene, this cap comes with a neck finish of 110-400 and offers continuous thread, ensuring secure sealing and protection for your products. With its intricate design and high-quality materials, this cap is ideal for various packaging needs, ensuring product integrity and shelf appeal. Please note, this cap is sold separately, allowing you to pair it with compatible containers based on your specific requirements. At Pipeline Packaging, we are not just providers but partners in offering tailor-made packaging solutions, backed by our superior customer service.

Whether you are in the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, or any other industry requiring reliable closure solutions, our screw cap is the ideal choice for maintaining product quality and safety. To explore our range of packaging solutions and to experience our exceptional customer service, connect with Pipeline Packaging. Secure your products with our high-quality, durable screw cap and benefit from our industry-leading packaging solutions.

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