1/2 Pint Hybrid Can (Bulk Pallet)

Products specifications
Capacity0.5 pt
Pallet Qty4284
Country of OriginUSA

This 1/2 Pint Hybrid Paint Can is constructed using a combination of recycled plastic and metal material, making it a sustainable selection. Its hybrid character gives the 51815 a mix of characteristics from both materials. While they contain the strength of tin material, they maintain a lighter weight than fully metal cans. The thermoplastic polypropylene material is a great insulator, protecting your product from electrical interference. The 1/2 Pint Hybrid Paint Can supports a broad range of chemical resistance, meaning it is the perfect packaging solution for adhesives, colorants, mastics, water-based paints, and other sensitive substances.

Made in the USA, the 51815 is constructed in a round shape paint style. The shape maximizes the entirety of the 1/2-pint internal volume while minimizing its external space. If you’re considering long-term packaging or shipping, the balance between these variables allots this can as an efficient solution. Combining the shape of the 1/2 Pint Hybrid Paint Can with its unique polypropylene material, it offers frictionless packaging.

Besides form, the paint can comes in a black coloration, which shields your product from UV ray interference. Depending on storage, black can also stand-out amongst other packaging styles, making it easy to spot on any shelf.

Though fit for a lid, the 1/2 Pint Hybrid Paint Can is not sold with a closure. You can pair the perfect closure to this solution by browsing Pipeline’s range of options. As a distributer, Pipeline Packaging can offer customers the breadth of choice at competitive prices. We give customers the maximum degree of customization so you can build packaging solutions meant to serve your specific needs.

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