128 oz Natural HDPE Plastic Industrial Round Bottle, 38-400, 130 Gram

Products specifications
Capacity128 oz
Neck Finish38-400
Weight130 g
Case Qty48
Pallet Qty384
Country of OriginUSA

Discover the exceptional quality of our 128 oz Natural HDPE Plastic Industrial Round Bottle, a standout in packaging solutions. Crafted with precision, this bottle boasts a 130-gram weight, ensuring durability and resilience. Perfect for a myriad of industrial applications, its 38-400 neck finish accommodates a variety of closures, making it an adaptable choice for your packaging needs. However, it's important to note that the cap is sold separately, allowing for customization based on specific requirements.

The high-density polyethylene (HDPE) construction of this bottle offers numerous advantages. Firstly, HDPE is renowned for its strength and resistance to impact, ensuring that the contents are well-protected. Additionally, its natural color provides a clean, professional look while allowing the visibility of the contents. The material is also resistant to chemicals and moisture, making it ideal for storing a variety of substances. Moreover, HDPE is a recyclable material, aligning with eco-friendly packaging initiatives.

While the bottle is sold separately from the cap, this presents an opportunity for customization. Clients can select from a range of caps to suit their specific needs, whether it's for liquid, powder, or solid contents. This 128 oz bottle is versatile, suitable for industrial, chemical, and food-grade applications, offering a reliable solution for storage and transportation.

To find the best pairing for this HDPE round bottle, we recommend contacting Pipeline Packaging's sales experts at 877.242.1880. Their team can provide tailored advice, ensuring that you choose the right cap and accessories for your specific requirements. Alternatively, an online request for a quote can be filled out for a more detailed inquiry. Trust Pipeline Packaging for unmatched expertise in packaging solutions.

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