2 oz Flint Straight Side Glass Jar, 38-400

Products specifications
Capacity2 oz
StyleParagon / AC
Neck Finish38-400
Weight0.174 lbs
Case Qty288
Case Weight50.1 lbs
Pallet Qty8064
Pallet Weight1453 lbs
Country of OriginIndia

The 2 oz Flint Straight Side Glass Jar, with its 38-400 neck finish, is a versatile and essential container for a myriad of uses and applications. Flint glass, known for its clarity and durability, makes these jars ideal for showcasing a variety of products. Their straight side design offers a sleek and modern appearance, enhancing visibility and making labeling a breeze, perfect for both personal and professional needs.

These jars are incredibly useful in various sectors. In the culinary world, they are perfect for storing spices, herbs, or homemade preserves, keeping contents fresh and easily accessible. In the realm of health and beauty, these jars are excellent for creams, salves, or bath salts, providing an elegant and functional packaging solution. They are also widely used in the arts and crafts sector for storing beads, glitters, or small crafting materials.

One significant feature of the 2 oz Flint Straight Side Glass Jar is its compatibility with a wide range of caps and closures, due to its standard 38-400 neck finish. This allows for a customized sealing solution to meet specific needs, whether it be airtight, child-resistant, or aesthetically pleasing tops. However, it's important to note that this package does not include a lid, offering you the flexibility to choose the perfect closure from a wide selection available.

For those interested in purchasing these jars, it’s easy to add them to your Wishlist and explore the extensive variety of caps and closures to complete your packaging needs. For availability and further assistance, don't hesitate to call at 1.877.242.1880. This 2 oz Flint Straight Side Glass Jar is not just a container, it's a versatile solution to meet a wide range of packaging requirements.

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