20 Liter Black HDPE Plastic Open Head Pail w/ Metal Handle

Products specifications
Capacity20 l
StyleOpen Head
Pallet Qty204
Country of OriginCanada

Looking for a sturdy and reliable solution for your storage needs? The 20-Liter Black HDPE Plastic Open Head Pail with Metal Handle is your ideal choice. Crafted with durability in mind, this pail comes with a robust metal handle complemented by a comfortable white plastic grip. Its capacity stands out from the crowd, offering slightly more room than the conventional 5-gallon bucket, precisely measuring at 5.28344 gallons.

The uses and applications of this pail are vast, from DIY household projects to professional industrial uses. Industries, such as agriculture, construction, paint, and chemicals, often rely on this pail for their daily operations. Its open head design ensures easy access, making mixing, pouring, and cleaning a breeze. However, it's essential to note that this bucket does not include a cover, making it ideal for immediate use or short-term storage.

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