20 Liter White HDPE Plastic Open Head Pail w/ Metal Handle

Products specifications
Capacity20 l
StyleOpen Head
Pallet Qty204
Country of OriginUSA

Seeking a versatile and dependable storage solution? Turn to the 20-Liter White HDPE Plastic Open Head Pail, complete with a resilient metal handle and a white plastic grip for added comfort. While it mirrors the classic design of the 5-gallon bucket, it boasts a slightly larger capacity at 5.28344 gallons, ensuring you have that extra space when you need it.

Its broad range of uses and applications make it a preferred choice for both households and industries. From storing paints, solvents, and chemicals to gardening and DIY projects, this pail rises to every occasion. Industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics also find immense value in this durable container.

Do note, this bucket is sold without a cover, emphasizing its suitability for tasks requiring frequent access or short-term storage.

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