20 Liter White Tin Plate Open Head Pail, Unlined

Products specifications
Capacity20 l
Pallet Qty364
Country of OriginItaly

Introducing the 20 Liter White Tin Plate Open Head Pail, an unlined container ideal for water and solvent-based products. This pail combines practical design with high-performance features, making it a popular choice across various industries. While it does not come with a cover, its durable construction ensures reliable performance for all your storage needs.

Tinplate, the material used for this pail, is renowned for its durability and corrosion resistance. These properties make the pail especially suitable for handling and transporting goods that require robust protection against damage and contamination. The tin coating provides excellent resistance to rust, which is essential when storing liquids or chemicals that could otherwise corrode lesser materials.

Furthermore, the barrier properties of tinplate are exceptional. It effectively shields contents from air, moisture, and light, significantly extending the shelf life and preserving the quality of the contents, whether they're sensitive chemicals or industrial solvents. This makes it an invaluable asset in fields like chemicals, paints, and oils.

The 20 Liter White Tin Plate Open Head Pail is also an economically sensible choice due to its cost-effectiveness and full recyclability, aligning with sustainable packaging practices. For purchasing or more information on our tinplate pail offerings, visit Pipeline Packaging, call us at 877.242.1880, or submit a request for a quote online today.

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