24 mm, 24-410 Black Ribbed, Matte Top, PP Plastic Cap, Heat Seal for PET Lined

Products specifications
Neck Finish24-410
Weight0.01 lbs
Case Qty4000
Pallet Qty140000
Country of OriginUSA

Discover the 24-410 Black Ribbed, Matte Top, PP Plastic Cap at Pipeline Packaging, a top-tier solution for your packaging needs. This cap is meticulously designed to provide a secure and aesthetically pleasing closure for a variety of containers.

The 24 mm cap, with its 24-410 neck finish, is perfectly suited for PET bottles and containers, ensuring a tight and reliable seal. Its ribbed design not only offers an enhanced grip for easy opening and closing but also adds to the visual appeal with its matte top finish. This cap is made from high-quality polypropylene (PP) plastic, known for its strength, durability, and resistance to chemicals, making it an ideal choice for products in the beauty, personal care, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.

One of the distinctive features of this cap is its heat-seal liner for PET, providing an extra layer of protection against leaks and contamination, while also preserving the freshness and integrity of the contents. This liner ensures that the cap adheres securely to the bottle neck, enhancing product safety and consumer confidence.

For all your cap requirements, Pipeline Packaging offers a comprehensive selection of closures to meet your specific needs. Contact us at 877.242.1880 or fill out our online form for a quote. Choose the 24-410 Black Ribbed PP Plastic Cap for a reliable and stylish sealing solution.

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