2.5 Gallon Natural HDPE F-Style Bottle, 63 MM Neck Finish, 2x1 Reshipper Box, 365 Gram, Un Rated

Products specifications
Capacity2.5 gal
Neck Finish63 mm
Weight365 g

This premium of 2.5 Gallon Natural HDPE F-Style Bottles with a 63 MM Neck Finish, carefully crafted to meet your industrial needs. These bottles offer a generous capacity of 2.5 gallons, making them ideal for storing and transporting liquids in various industries. Constructed with high-density polyethylene (HDPE), they boast exceptional durability and are UN Rated, ensuring compliance with stringent safety standards for hazardous materials.

With a robust 365-gram weight, these F-Style bottles guarantee reliability and resistance to impact, providing peace of mind during handling and transportation. Packaged conveniently in a 2x1 Reshipper Box, they offer a secure and efficient storage solution, making bulk purchases a breeze.

Whether you operate in the chemical, automotive, agricultural, or manufacturing sector, our 2.5 Gallon Natural HDPE F-Style Bottles cater to a wide range of applications. From storing industrial chemicals and cleaners to handling automotive fluids, their versatility makes them indispensable in your daily operations.

Since this kit does not come with closures, explore our diverse packaging options with a vast selection of closures for this package. Simply add the product to your Wishlist and browse through our wide array of caps and closures.

Enhance your supply chain with our reliable and compliant 2.5 Gallon Natural HDPE F-Style Bottles. Contact us today at 877.242.1880 to discuss your specific needs and let us help you make the most of your industrial packaging. Trust in our expertise to elevate your operations with premium-quality packaging solutions.

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