Products specifications
Capacity250 ml/cc
Neck Finish43 mm
Weight32 g
Pallet Qty7160
Country of OriginChina

Our 200 ml Cream PET Foam Bottle with a neck finish of 43 mm, is one of many PET foam bottle options at Pipeline Packaging that provides excellent storage for shampoo, conditioner, beverages, household cleaning products, cosmetics alongside a multitude of other liquid and gel-like substances you may need to store.

This Cream Foam Bottle is fashioned using polyethylene terephthalate, or PET, a plastic known for being lightweight, but strong. The combination of these characteristics makes this Cream PET Foam Bottle durable as well as highly mobile. This foam bottle’s tall slender build accentuates these characteristics with its cream coloration providing extra protection for certain substances from the dangers of elements like UV light. The cream PET foam bottle is just one of the many products Pipeline Packaging offers that in a variety of colors, that can absorb UV light and shield the product inside.

PET has been deemed safe for food and beverage consumption by the FDA. Not only does PET make our Cream Foam Bottle safe for consumption, but it can also offer a defense against micro-organisms. With this characteristic, the Cream PET Foam Bottle will not biodegrade, however, the product is environmentally friendly as PET plastic is entirely recyclable with the plastic code #1. As an added benefit of PET plastic, even without recycling, this Cream Foam Bottle will not leak toxic chemicals into a landfill or surrounding environment.

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