275 Gallon New Tote with 6" Red Cap and 2" Ball Valve, Steel Pallet with Label Plates

Products specifications
Capacity275 gal
StyleIBC Tote
Fittings2" Ball Valve W/ Viton Gasket
UN RatingUN31HA1/Y/USA
Cap6" Cap
Weight150 lbs
Pallet Qty1
Country of OriginUSA

Our unbeatable 275-Gallon New Tote, equipped with a 6" Red Cap and 2" Ball Valve, designed to meet all your industrial storage and transport needs. This heavy-duty tote is built to last, ensuring reliable containment and safe handling of your valuable liquids and materials.

Crafted with high-quality materials, the 275-Gallon New Tote boasts a robust steel pallet with label plates, providing easy identification and organization. The 6" Red Cap guarantees a secure seal, preventing any leakage or spills during transit and storage. Additionally, the 2" Ball Valve offers efficient dispensing and controlled flow, adding to the convenience of handling various substances.

Ideal for a wide range of industries, this versatile tote serves as a cost-effective and sustainable solution for bulk material handling. Its large capacity minimizes the need for multiple smaller containers, optimizing storage space and reducing environmental impact.

With its durable construction and reliable components, the 275-Gallon New Tote is the perfect choice for transporting hazardous materials, chemicals, and liquids safely and compliantly. The steel pallet with label plates ensures proper identification and tracking, enhancing operational efficiency.

Make the smart choice for your industrial storage and transport requirements. Invest in the premium quality and performance of our 275-Gallon New Tote with 6" Red Cap and 2" Ball Valve, complete with a robust steel pallet for ultimate protection and organization. Simplify your operations and safeguard your valuable materials with this reliable and efficient solution. Contact Pipeline, 877.242.1880, now to get your hands on this top-tier tote and take your industrial processes to the next level.

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