30 Gallon Black Plastic Open Head Drum, UN Rated

Products specifications
Capacity30 gal
StyleOpen Head Nested
UN Rating1H2/X100/S & 1H2/Y100/S
LidNatural Plastic Cover
Weight18 lbs
Pallet Qty40
Pallet Weight770 lbs
Country of OriginUSA

Our 30-Gallon Black Plastic Open Head Drum is just one of many drum options available to choose from Pipeline Packaging, including steel, plastic, fiber, as well as open and tight heads. Drums are used for a multitude of reasons including waste management, healthcare, and food services. When purchasing industrial drums, it’s important to consider what style drum will best suit the products you are shipping or storing.

This specific 30-Gal Black Plastic Open Head Drum is fashioned using HDPE, a particularly versatile plastic. Not only is it more lightweight than other plastic or steel options, but HDPE is known for handling hazardous materials due to its resistance to both high and low pH contents. The culmination of HDPE plastic as well as its black coloration serve as a protection against UV light, which can potentially cause damage to certain products that may reside inside.

Unlike Tight Head Drums, the 30-Gallon Black Plastic Open Head Drum allows easy access to the product inside. Our 80267 Black Plastic Open Drum comes a natural plastic lid.

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Ref #: 80267