32 Liter CurTec Dark Blue Square HDPE/PP Plastic Fold Pack Press-On Lid Closure for Fold Pack Pail, UN Rated

Products specifications
Capacity32 l
StyleSquare Cover
UN Rating3H2/X26/Y39/Z39/S
Weight1.61819 lbs
Pallet Qty162
Country of OriginNetherlands

The UN Rated 32 Liter Curtec Dark Blue Square HDPE/PP Plastic Fold Pack Press-On Lid Closure is a key component of the innovative storage solution for industries such as pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals, and food ingredients. Designed to complement the 32 Liter White Fold Pack Pail (Pipeline Part 512061) this lid is sold separately and is crafted from a blend of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP), ensuring durability and reliability. This UN-certified lid is specially engineered to lower the costs and space requirements for storing and shipping empty packaging, offering superior protection for your valuable products from moisture, contamination, and tampering.

The CurTec press-on lid is designed to be paired with the Fold Pack Pail, creating a seamless and efficient closure system. See photo for pair. The lid's design boasts low moisture vapor transmission, which is essential in maintaining the dryness and integrity of the contents, especially for moisture-sensitive materials. The lid is UN certified (3H2) for solids, indicating its compliance with stringent safety standards for the transportation of hazardous materials. Furthermore, the lid is food safe, making it suitable for a wide range of applications across various industries.

The lid's tamper-evident feature is a significant advantage, ensuring the safety and security of the contents. It is designed to be pressed onto the pail and, once the handles are folded down, it locks and seals the container, making any tampering immediately visible. This feature is crucial for industries where product integrity is paramount. Additionally, the sustainable and reusable nature of the lid aligns with modern environmental conservation efforts, reducing waste and supporting eco-friendly practices.

The lid's dark blue color not only provides a professional look but also helps in differentiating it from other containers, aiding in inventory management. With dimensions of 380 mm in length and width, it perfectly fits the corresponding Fold Pack Pail. The lid's tapered design allows for efficient nesting and stacking, further reducing the space required for storage.

For businesses seeking a reliable and efficient lid to complement their Fold Pack Pails, the 32 Liter Dark Blue Square HDPE/PP Plastic Fold Pack Press-On Lid Closure is an excellent choice. With a pallet quantity of 162 units, it meets both small and large-scale needs. Pipeline Packaging provides comprehensive support for this product, with customer service representatives available at 877.242.1880 and an online request for quote form, ensuring that you receive all the necessary assistance and guidance for your packaging needs.

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