32 oz Blue/White HDPE Plastic Cylinder Bottle, 55 Gram, Flame Treated, 38-400

Products specifications
Capacity32 oz
Neck Finish38-400
TreatmentFlame Treated
Weight55 g
Case Qty92
Country of OriginUSA

Explore the versatile 32 oz Blue/White HDPE Plastic Cylinder Bottle, the perfect solution for your packaging needs. This 55-gram bottle is constructed from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), ensuring durability and reliability for a wide range of uses. With its distinctive blue and white color scheme, this cylinder bottle stands out while maintaining a professional appearance.

Flame treated for enhanced surface adhesion, this bottle is ideal for labeling and printing, making it a superb choice for both commercial and retail products. The 38-400 neck finish accommodates a variety of caps and closures, although it's important to note that this model does not include a cap, providing the flexibility to choose the perfect closure to meet your specific requirements.

This bottle's robust design and treatment make it suitable for storing and dispensing liquids in numerous industries, including chemicals, healthcare, beauty, and food and beverages. Its cylindrical shape ensures easy handling and efficient storage, maximizing shelf space while maintaining product integrity.

For businesses seeking high-quality, flame-treated HDPE bottles, look no further. This 32 oz cylinder bottle offers reliability and style without compromising on quality. Contact us at 877.242.1880 for more information on customizing your packaging solutions to fit your needs.

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