32 oz Blue/White HDPE Ring Decanter Bottle, Neck Finish 28-400

Products specifications
Capacity32 oz
Neck Finish28-400
Weight44 g
Pallet Qty1760
Country of OriginUSA

The 32 oz Blue/White HDPE Ring Decanter, with its 28-400 neck finish, is a versatile and aesthetically pleasing container solution, suitable for a range of uses and applications. The robust High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) construction ensures durability, chemical resistance, and containment integrity, while the blue/white design lends an attractive, distinguishable appearance.

This ring decanter is prevalent in industries like food & beverage, chemicals, cleaning, and cosmetics due to its functionality and design. In the food & beverage sector, it is used for storing and pouring liquids like juices, sauces, and dressings efficiently. The chemical and cleaning industries utilize it for housing cleaning solutions, detergents, and liquid chemicals due to its secure seal and resistance to corrosion. The cosmetic industry values it for packaging lotions, shampoos, and liquid soaps, providing both utility and aesthetic appeal.

Industries utilize the 32 oz Blue/White HDPE Ring Decanter not only for its practicality and resilience but also for its attractive design, ensuring products are showcased effectively while maintaining quality and freshness. This multifaceted decanter serves as a reliable container solution across various sectors, aligning visual appeal with functional excellence.

This decanter is sold without a lid or closure. Furthermore, we invite you to investigate our array of available colors and neck finishes to meet your unique requirements. Place this product on your Wishlist and peruse our extensive assortment to identify the ideal complement to your packaging needs. For further information on availability and more, please contact Pipeline Packaging or browse our comprehensive selection to discover the optimal packaging solution for your items.

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