3.5-6 Gallon Natural HDPE Plastic Round Cover, w/ Spout, UN Rated

Products specifications
Capacity3.5-6 gal
Case Qty552
Country of OriginCanada

When it comes to securing and transporting hazardous materials or chemicals, the 3.5-6 Gallon Natural HDPE Plastic Round Cover with Spout and UN Rated Lid is your trusted solution. This high-density polyethylene (HDPE) cover, complete with a Flexspout and EPDM Rubber Gasket, offers unbeatable reliability and safety.

Our UN Rated Lid ensures compliance with stringent regulations for the handling and transportation of hazardous substances. Designed to fit seamlessly on your 3.5-6-gallon pail, this cover provides a secure seal, preventing leaks and spills during transit.

The 3.5-6 Gallon Natural HDPE Plastic Round Cover with Spout and UN Rated Lid is a versatile solution with a wide range of uses across various industries. Whether you're in the chemical, industrial, pharmaceutical, or agricultural sector, this product proves invaluable. In the chemical industry, it ensures the safe transportation and storage of hazardous chemicals and liquids while meeting stringent UN regulations, ensuring the highest level of safety and compliance. In the pharmaceutical sector, it's ideal for securely storing pharmaceutical ingredients and products, maintaining their integrity and preventing contamination. In agriculture, it can be used to package fertilizers, pesticides, and agricultural chemicals, protecting both the contents and the environment. Additionally, it finds applications in various sectors such as industrial, food processing, waste management, construction, and general storage, offering a reliable and UN-rated solution for secure containment.

Remember, this cover is designed to be sold separately from the pail, allowing for flexibility in your packaging needs. For expert advice on how to optimize your specific application or industry, reach out to the experienced team at Pipeline Packaging. We're here to assist you in finding the perfect solution for your packaging requirements.

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