3.5 Gallon Gray Open Head Pail, Phenolic Lined, UN Rated

Products specifications
Capacity3.5 gal
StyleOpen Head Nested
UN Rating1A2/Y2.0/100
Weight2.43 lbs
Pallet Qty216
Pallet Weight312 lbs
Country of OriginUSA

The 3.5-Gallon Phenolic Lined Open Head Pail arrives in a nested open head style. The tapered top allows for stacking with other pails, which maximizes storage while reducing shipping costs. As an open head, the 53048 offers a high degree of flexibility if you require regular access to stored materials. Though this solution does not come with a closure, you can find one that meets your requirements in Pipeline’s vast selection of lids.

Made in the USA, the round build adds to the 3.5-Gallon Phenolic Lined Open Head Pail’s storage efficiency, taking up less surface space without sacrificing internal storage. Where a traditional square solution has the tendency to experience more wear on the edges, round containers have a very durable and frictionless surface for more longevity. Though very versatile, round containers are the most ideal when packaging liquids and moist materials. Along with its round shape, the 53048 includes a wire handle for easy maneuverability.

With a 1A2/Y2.0/100 UN rating, the 3.5-Gallon Phenolic Lined Open Head Pail is constructed with gray steel. Steel packaging fortifies product against impact damages with its high tensile strength. Unlike plastic, which is prone to melting, steel resists a higher degree of heat. Additionally, steel is a highly sustainable packaging option since it can be cleaned and reused throughout its life.

Though steel packaging does have the potential to corrode, the addition of a lining to your solution, just like 3.5-Gallon Phenolic Lined Open Head Pail, can prevent deterioration and extend usability. This open head pail includes a phenolic lining. Gold phenolic linings protect against high degrees of acids and solvents. Though not recommended for alkaline products, it is optimal for a pH ranging from 3.0-7.0, making it well-suited for insecticides, lacquers, essential oils, and food products.

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SKU: P116610
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