38-400 White PP Smooth Top, Ribbed Sides Cap, F-217 Liner

Products specifications
Neck Finish38-400
Weight0.009 lbs
Case Qty2300
Pallet Qty100500
Country of OriginUSA

The 38-400 White PP Smooth Top, Ribbed Sides Cap, featuring F-217 liner, is a product exuding versatility and quality, perfectly suitable for various applications and industries. This component is crafted meticulously in the USA, ensuring optimal standards and top-notch quality, presenting a premium option for those seeking reliable closure solutions. The aesthetic smooth top coupled with the ribbed sides not only ensures a snug fit but also provides an appealing finish to the containers. This Smooth Top cap is sold separately, bottle not included.

F-217 liners are constructed from polyethylene foam, making them compatible with metal, plastic, and glass containers. These liners embody a structural integrity due to the low-density foam sandwiched between two layers of PE film, enhancing the product's overall resilience and effectiveness. This ensures that the product contained within remains uncontaminated and pure, essential for industries such as pharmaceuticals and food and beverage.

One of the distinguishing features of F-217 liners is their odor-resistant and pulp dust-free properties, guaranteeing the preservation of the product's inherent qualities. This particular liner type stands out for its unparalleled chemical resistance and minimal transmission rate, crucial for maintaining the stability and longevity of the product enclosed, marking its prominence in various sectors including chemicals and cosmetics.

In conclusion, the 38-400 White PP Smooth Top, Ribbed Sides Cap with F-217 liner is a manifestation of functionality and quality, manufactured exclusively in the USA. Its diverse applications across different industries make it a sought-after component, ensuring the safety and integrity of the products it seals. Whether it's for a food product or a chemical solution, this cap and liner combination is a testament to secure and reliable sealing solutions.

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