4-Gallon Natural HDPE Tight Head Pail, 70 MM (8TPI), Closed Vent

Products specifications
Capacity4 gal
Pallet Qty96
Country of OriginUSA

Introducing our premium 4-Gallon Natural HDPE Tight Head Pail with a 70mm (8TPI) closed vent, expertly designed to cater to your industrial storage needs. Crafted in the USA, this pail stands as a testament to unwavering quality and reliability. Engineered with meticulous attention to detail, it seamlessly combines functionality with an appealing aesthetic.

The closed vent, featuring a 70mm (8TPI) design, guarantees an airtight seal, ensuring that the contents remain uncontaminated and their integrity preserved over time. Crafted from the finest HDPE materials, this pail boasts remarkable durability, effectively withstanding even the most demanding conditions while resisting corrosion. What sets this pail apart is its purpose-driven design – tailored for applications that require no cap or closure. This streamlined approach not only saves valuable time but also enhances operational efficiency.

With a focus on versatility, this pail finds its place across various industries including manufacturing and chemical processing, adapting flawlessly to different applications. By choosing our 4-Gallon Natural HDPE Tight Head Pail, you're not only making a choice for top-notch quality but also supporting environmentally friendly practices through its recyclable construction. For personalized assistance and guidance, our dedicated sales team is just a call away at 877-242-1880.

Elevate your industrial storage solutions today with this exceptional HDPE pail that stands as a true embodiment of durability, efficiency, and American craftsmanship.

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