4 oz Clear PET Plastic Cosmo Oval, 20-410, 14.8 Gram

Products specifications
Capacity4 oz
Overflow Capacity136 ml/cc
Neck Finish20-410
Weight14.8 g
Case Qty720
Pallet Qty720
Truckload Qty299520
Country of OriginUSA

Explore the practical design of the 4 oz Clear PET Plastic Cosmo Oval Bottle, ideal for a variety of packaging needs. This bottle is crafted from high-quality PET plastic, offering clarity, durability, and a lightweight solution for your products. Its unique oval shape provides an ergonomic advantage, making it easy to handle and appealing for display. Note that this bottle does not include a cap, allowing for customization with your choice of closures to meet specific requirements.

The 4 oz Clear PET Cosmo Oval Bottle is perfect for a broad range of applications, from health and beauty products like lotions and shampoos to household cleaners and chemical solutions. Its clear structure allows the contents to be easily visible, enhancing the aesthetic value and practicality of product labeling and branding. The bottle's material is resistant to impact, ensuring safe storage and transport of liquids and semi-solids without the risk of breakage.

For all your PET bottle needs, turn to Pipeline Packaging. We offer an extensive selection of PET bottles in various shapes including oval, round, square, and Boston round. Whether you need a single solution or bulk quantities, we stock a comprehensive range to meet every requirement. Call us today at 877.242.1880 to explore our products and find the perfect packaging for your business.

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