4 oz White HDPE Plastic Bullet Bottle, 24-410 Neck Finish, Flame Treated

Products specifications
Capacity4 oz
Overflow Capacity127 ml/cc
StyleBullet / Cosmo
Neck Finish24-410
TreatmentFlame Treated
Weight13 g
Case Qty500
Case Weight14.3 lbs
Pallet Qty7500
Truckload Qty324000
Country of OriginUSA

When you're looking for a durable and versatile container, our 4 oz White HDPE Plastic Bullet Bottle stands out in the crowd. With its sleek bullet cosmo design, it not only adds an aesthetic appeal to your product but also promises longevity.

Key features to our 24-410 neck finish cosmos bottle it is designed for compatibility and ensuring a tight seal, reducing the chances of leakage. The 127 ml/cc overflow capability offers ample space to accommodate your products with ease. The flame treatment improves adhesion properties, ensuring that labels and printing stick better and last longer. Proudly Made in the USA and manufactured under stringent standards, you can be assured of its quality and reliability.

The versatility of the 4 oz White HDPE Plastic Bullet Bottle means it's highly sought after in numerous industries. Whether you're in the beauty sector looking to package lotions and serums or in the healthcare sector aiming to store medicinal liquids, this bottle has got you covered.

This HDPE bullet bottle's popular applications:

  • Beauty & Personal Care: Lotions, serums, shampoos, and conditioners.
  • Health & Wellness: Liquid supplements, herbal tinctures, and essential oils.
  • Cleaning & Household: Liquid detergents, sanitizers, and cleaning agents.

Given its robust design and functionality, it's no surprise that businesses across different sectors prefer our bullet cosmo bottle. Invest in a container that not only preserves your product but also showcases it in style!

This bottle is sold standalone, without a cap or lid, allowing flexibility in choosing the perfect closure for your needs. For assistance in finding a suitable cap or lid, please contact Pipeline Packaging at 877.242.1880 or fill out our Request for Quote form.

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