Products specifications
Capacity5 gal
UN Rating1A2/Y1.6/70
LiningRust Inhibitor
Pallet Qty240
Country of OriginUSA

Pails like this 5 Gallon Black Steel Rust Inhibited Open Head Pail are a popular selection when you need to store more material than a paint can, but not as much as an industrial drum. Whether its large industrial drums or pails such as these, Pipeline Packaging has you covered. Like many of our other packaging solutions, industrial pails come in a variety of forms, including steel like the 530733 and plastic, in both tight and open head styles. Pails are excellent packaging for liquid and solid materials alike.

This Rust Inhibited Open Head Pail is constructed using steel. Though plastic pails are common, steel solutions possess their own unique benefits. Steel pails have unmatchable strength for when you need to guard your materials against any potential outside damage. Steel also provides security in other ways as well from its resistance to high temperatures, including fire. This property makes steel pails perfect for holding flammable and combustible materials. Steel pails like the Rust Inhibited Open Head Pail can be very cost-effective. When you choose a steel pail, you are making an investment in packaging that can reused countless times through its life.

Though steel pails are susceptible to corrosion, the 530733 comes equipped with a rust inhibitor lining. The thin layer adheres to the Rust Inhibited Open Head Pail’s interior, creating a barrier between potentially corrosive chemicals and the steel. If your packaging strategy requires a different lining such as epoxy phenolic, or even an unlined option, browse our online inventory.

Besides the lining, this pail contains several other features like its bail handle. The thin wiring guarantees it won’t take up extra space. When it’s not in use, the hand rests at the pail’s side. The Rust Inhibited Open Head Pail’s black coloration also offers UV blocking capabilities. This feature is critical for storing highly sensitive materials that could react.

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