5 Gallon Chevron Blue Steel Open Head Pail, 3" Double Bead, Rust Inhibited Lining

Products specifications
Capacity5 gal
Bead3" Double
LiningRust Inhibitor
Weight3.25 lbs
Pallet Qty240
Country of OriginUSA

The 5 Gallon Chevron Blue Steel Open Head Pail with a 3" Double Bead and Rust Inhibited Lining is a top-quality solution for a variety of storage and transportation needs. Manufactured entirely in the USA, this durable steel pail is designed to handle both solid and liquid contents efficiently, making it an excellent choice for industries such as chemicals, paints, adhesives, lubricants, and food products. The rust-inhibited lining provides an added layer of protection against corrosion, ensuring the longevity and safety of the contents stored within.

One of the key features of this Chevron Blue Steel Pail is its open head design, which allows for easy access and filling. However, it's important to note that this model does not come with a cover, so users will need to source a compatible lid separately if a sealed environment is required. This feature makes it particularly useful for operations that require frequent addition or removal of contents, such as mixing or batch processing tasks.

For businesses and consumers looking for reliable and robust packaging solutions, the 5 Gallon Chevron Blue Steel Open Head Pail is a superior choice. Its construction and design are ideal for heavy-duty applications where durability and content integrity are paramount. Plus, being made in the USA ensures adherence to high manufacturing standards and supports domestic production.

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