5 Gallon Gentian Blue Steel Straight Side Pail, Single Bead, w/ CWL, Rust Inhibited Lining, w/ Blue Cover, EPDM Gasket, Rieke Fitting, UN Rated

Products specifications
Capacity5 gal
FittingsRieke Fitting, EDPM Gasket
UN Rating1A2/Y2.2/100
LiningRust Inhibitor
MarkingsChild Warning Label
Pallet Qty72
Country of OriginUSA

Experience Durability and Safety with the 5 Gallon Gentian Blue Steel Straight Side Pail

Looking for a robust and reliable solution for your storage and transportation needs? The 5 Gallon Gentian Blue Steel Straight Side Pail is your perfect choice. Manufactured with precision in the USA, this steel pail features a single bead construction with a rust-inhibited lining, ensuring long-lasting use and protection against corrosion. Its vibrant gentian blue color and sleek design not only enhance its appearance but also offer easy identification in busy settings.

Optimal Sealing Technology and Compliance for Secure Handling

This pail comes equipped with a blue cover and an EPDM gasket, providing a secure and airtight seal that guarantees the safety of its contents during transport or storage. It includes a Rieke fitting, enhancing its functionality for liquid materials. Fully UN Rated, this steel pail meets strict regulations for transportation of hazardous materials, making it a reliable choice for industries requiring stringent compliance with safety standards.

Versatile Uses Across Various Industries

The 5 Gallon Gentian Blue Steel Pail is ideal for a multitude of applications, including chemical handling, paint storage, and agricultural use. Its robust build and compliance with safety standards make it particularly suited for transporting hazardous substances without risk. Its high-quality materials and construction also make it a preferred choice for storing sensitive materials that require consistent temperature and contamination protection.

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