5 Gallon Gray Open Head Pail, Rust Inhibited, UN Rated

Products specifications
Capacity5 gal
StyleOpen Head Nested
UN Rating1A2/Y1.6/100
LiningRust Inhibitor
LidLug Cover
Weight3.925 lbs
Pallet Qty120
Country of OriginUSA

The 5-Gallon Rust Inhibited Gray Open Head Pail is just one of the many pail options available at Pipeline Packaging. Pipeline Packaging offers a plethora of pail selections with choices ranging from plastic and steel to even further customization between open and tight head covers, with varying volume sizes to offer the most precise fit for your situation.

The Gray Open Head Pail provides excellent packaging for chemicals, adhesives, oils, sealants, coatings, and so much more. Made from steel, the gray open head pail presents a host of benefits. Not only is it more durable than plastic pails, but it also offers a more temperature resistant and versatile product for storing sensitive materials. The 5-Gallon Gray Open Head Pail is also rust inhibited, reducing the chance of oxidation and lengthening its use-life to provide long-term storage for the products inside.

This gray open head pail should be paired with a lug cover (which is sold separately). Rather than an easily removed plastic cover, lug covers are crimped onto steel pails. The crimping seals the lid to the container without fear of spilling or faulty re-application while still allowing accessibility to the inside if needed. This pail’s gray color also shields the interior from UV light.

Since 1988, Pipeline Packaging has been the leading distributer of gray open head pails. As a distributer and not a manufacturer, Pipeline can give its customers unmatched custom packaging at competitive pricing.

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