5 GALLON, HDPE Plastic Natural Tray, 33 MIL, 3.75 DEEP

Products specifications
Capacity5 gal
Pallet Qty1280
Country of OriginUSA

Storage solutions evolve, and with the 5 Gallon HDPE Natural Tray, you're getting the pinnacle of design and functionality. Specifically crafted with a robust 33 mil thickness, this tray ensures your contents remain secure, protected, and easily accessible. Measuring 3.75 inches deep, it's meticulously designed to accommodate a diverse range of items, making it a versatile choice for various applications.

Constructed from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), this tray boasts longevity and resistance against wear and tear, ensuring that it serves your needs for an extended period. The natural hue of the tray not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also allows for easy visibility of its contents.

It's worth noting that while this premium tray offers unparalleled quality, the pail is not included. But worry not! For all your bucket liner needs, and to find the perfect pail to accompany this tray, Pipeline Packaging is your go-to destination.

Whether you're in the industrial, food, or any other sector requiring top-notch storage solutions, this HDPE Natural Tray stands out. Call us at 877.242.1880 and connect with Pipeline Packaging today, ensuring that your storage standards are nothing short of the best.

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