5-Gallon Natural HDPE Plastic Hedpak Pail, Fluorinated Level 2, w/ 70 MM Cap & Vent, Assembled in Kraft Box

Products specifications
Capacity5 gal
Fittings70mm Cap & Vent,Assembled Box
UN Rating4GY30/S
FluorinationLevel 2
Pallet Qty60
Country of OriginUSA

In today's competitive market, choosing the right storage solution is paramount. Enter our 5-Gallon Natural HDPE Plastic Hedpak Pail. Crafted with precision from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), it's not just a pail but a testimony to quality and reliability.

What truly sets it apart is its Fluorinated Level 2 enhancement. This unique feature offers augmented barrier properties, ensuring that the contents are well-protected from external contaminants. With a 70 MM Cap & Vent, this pail guarantees a leak-proof experience while offering smooth pouring and efficient ventilation, making it a top choice for various applications. Applications that include From storing chemicals and solvents to housing food products and agricultural supplies, its versatility shines through. Its design facilitates easy pouring and secure sealing, proving invaluable for operations that require frequent access to contents.

Used in the Chemical Industry: Perfect for chemicals that require fluorinated containers to avoid permeation like the food and beverage industries sinceHDPE ensures safety and longevity. Perfect for the agriculture users for fertilizers, pesticides, and more. Do not forget the cosmetics to store bulk lotions, creams, and other formulations.

The bonus? Each pail is meticulously assembled in a durable Kraft box for safe transit and a cap.

Our 5-Gallon Hedpak Pail is the versatile storage solution that industries trust. Dive into its myriad benefits and elevate your storage game. Order now! Call 877.242.1880 or fill out the Request for Quote form.

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