5 Gallon Natural HDPE Plastic Square Tighthead Pail, 70 mm 6TPI Fittings, 22 mm, Closed Vent Stem w/ Cap, UN Rated

Products specifications
Capacity5 gal
Fittings70 mm, 6TPI
UN Rating3H1/Y1.8/150
CapClosed Vent with Cap
Pallet Qty48 & 64
Country of OriginUSA

The 5 Gallon Natural HDPE Plastic Square Tighthead Pail offers a secure and reliable solution for a variety of applications. Designed with a 70 mm 6TPI fitting and a 22 mm closed vent stem with a cap, this pail ensures the safe storage of its contents, making it suitable for industries such as food, flavoring, concentrates, janitorial, sanitation, chemical, and agricultural. The pail's multilayered design provides lightweight durability, and its UN rating guarantees it can handle stacking, dropping, repetitive shock vibration, and hydrostatic pressure.

Made in the USA from premium HDPE resin, this pail is BPA-free and meets UN Packaging Groups II and III standards, ensuring both safety and quality. Its interlocking top and bottom designs offer secure stacking, maximizing space utilization for storage and shipping. This design feature, coupled with its durable construction, makes the pail a tried-and-true choice for durability and performance.

The 5 Gallon Natural HDPE Plastic Square Tighthead Pail is ideal for various uses, including food, sanitation, and industrial applications. Pipeline Packaging is here to help you find the perfect tighthead for your needs. Call us today at 877.242.1880 to find a secure, reliable storage solution.

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