5-Gallon Natural HDPE Rectangular Tight Head Plastic Pail, Fittings 70 mm, 6TPI, Fluorinated Level 5

Products specifications
Capacity5 gal
Fittings70 mm, 6TPI
UN Rating3H1/Y1.8/100
FluorinationLevel 5
Pallet Qty112
Country of OriginUSA

Introducing the superior 5-Gallon Natural HDPE Rectangular Tight Head Plastic Pail, a versatile solution tailored to your storage needs. Engineered with precision, this pail boasts a 70mm, 6TPI fitting that ensures secure containment while promoting seamless dispensing. With a Fluorinated Level 5 feature, it offers unparalleled resistance to chemicals and corrosive substances, ensuring the integrity of your contents.

Suitable for the

  • Chemical Industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Food and Beverage
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Automotive
  • Paint and Coatings
  • Petroleum and Petrochemicals
  • Industrial and Commercial Cleaning
  • Construction
  • Agriculture

With its advanced features, the 5-Gallon Natural HDPE Rectangular Tight Head Plastic Pail stands as a versatile solution that aligns with the unique demands of these industries, ensuring reliable storage, transportation, and dispensing of various substances.

Please note that this product does not include a closure. This strategic omission allows you the flexibility to choose a closure mechanism that perfectly aligns with your operational requirements. Whether you're storing industrial chemicals, liquids, or other substances, this HDPE pail guarantees reliability and performance, making it an indispensable asset across various industries.

Elevate your storage solutions with Pipeline's 5-Gallon Natural HDPE Rectangular Tight Head Plastic Pail. Its precise construction, advanced fittings, and chemical-resistant design stand as a testament to its exceptional quality and adaptability. Choose this pail to experience the optimal balance of durability, functionality, and customization for all your storage endeavors. Reach out to Pipeline Packaging today 877.242.1880.

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