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5 Gallon Pail Flux Wrap Jacket with Insulation (FLUX05)

Products specifications
Capacity5 gal
StyleFlux Wrap
Approx. Fluid Volume1/8 Gallon
Connection¾" Barbed Fitting
Cooling FluidWater (if fluid temp is greater than 45ºF) -OR- Propylene Glycol / Water (50/50 max concentration) -OR- Ethylene Glycol / Water (50/50 max concentration)
Flow Rate4 GPM @ 5 PSI
Max. Product Temperature120ºF (50ºF Water / Glycol mix)
Min/Max Surface Temperature-10°F / 150°F (-23.3°C / 65.5°C)
Maximum Pressure Rating20 PSI @ inlet
Product Weight13 lbs
Product Length38 in
Product Width8.25 in
SKU: P118282
Ref #: 36052