5 Gallon White Open Head Steel Pail, Rust Inhibited, Inverted, 3.5" Double Bead, Roll Coat, 26 Gauge, UN Rated

Products specifications
Capacity5 gal
UN Rating1A2/Y1.8/100
Bead3.5" Double
LiningRust Inhibitor
Pallet Qty216
Country of OriginUSA

Introducing our premium 5 Gallon White Open Head Steel Pail, meticulously crafted in the USA and adhering to UN Rated standards for utmost safety and reliability in storing and transporting various materials. Constructed with durable 26 Gauge steel, this pail is robust and designed for longevity.

This pail stands out with its rust-inhibited, inverted design and a 3.5" double bead, ensuring secure sealing and enhanced protection of its contents. It features a roll coat, adding an extra layer of defense against corrosion and external contaminants, making it a trusted choice for diverse industry needs.

Please note, this pail does not come with a lug cover, allowing for easy access and convenience for open storage requirements. The metal handle, equipped with a black plastic grip, ensures comfortable and secure handling, providing a user-friendly experience.

Whether it’s chemicals, paints, or other materials, this pail guarantees optimum preservation and is ideal for a myriad of applications, offering a blend of quality, durability, and convenience. Explore more about how this high-quality, American-made pail can meet your packaging needs!Connect with us today with our online Request for Quote form or call 877.242.1880.

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