5 Liter F-Style Can, Unlined, 175 mm x 291 mm, UN Rated

Products specifications
Capacity5 l
UN RatingY1.2/150
HandlePlastic Handle
Opening42 mm Rel
Weight1 lbs
Pallet Qty280
Pallet Weight330 lbs
Country of OriginItaly

If you’re looking for an industrial packaging supplier that stocks all the products you need for storing food and beverages, agricultural supplies, pharmaceuticals, oil, solvents, or waste, Pipeline Packaging is the one to fulfill your needs. Pipeline Packaging offers a wide selection of plastic and metal containers, like this 5-Liter F-style metal can.

Plastic containers offer their own benefits, but this metal can is as versatile as it is resistant to high temperatures and chemical reactions. It’s also durable and reusable. Solid metal construction makes this container impact resistant and grants it a longer lifespan.This F-style metal can is unlined with a plastic handle and a 42mm opening. The product weighs in at 1 lb., with a pallet quantity of 280 cans at a weight of 330 lbs.

Pipeline Packaging is a distributor, not a manufacturer. So, that means we can offer a level of customization at competitive prices. This 5-Liter F-style metal can is a great example. The product is unlined, which means you have the flexibility to customize it with a coating of your choice for substances that operate best without the presence of a liner.

This 5-Liter F-style metal can, offers a Y1.2/150 UN rating. Due to the large variety available, this package does not come with a lid. Add this product to your Wishlist and then check out Pipeline Packaging’s wide selection of lids, caps and friction plugs for the best fit for your needs.

Pipeline Packaging’s sweeping supply provides multiple derivatives of products, granting the opportunity of competitive process because of our focus on distribution rather than manufacturing. With Good People at the Core, Pipeline Packaging’s consideration for our customers lies at the heart of our expertise in giving you the best packaging solutions.

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