5.3 Gallon Blue Tight Head Steel Pail, Buff Epoxy Phenolic Lined, Rieke Prep w/ Dust Cap, UN Rated

Products specifications
Capacity5.3 gal
StyleTight Head
FittingsRieke Prep w/ Dust Cap
UN Rating1A1/Y1.8/200
LiningBuff Epoxy Phenolic
Weight4.37 lbs
Pallet Qty36
Pallet Weight207 lbs
Country of OriginUSA

The 5.3 Gallon Blue Tight Head Steel Pail, lined with Buff Epoxy Phenolic and equipped with Rieke Prep and a Dust Cap, is an exceptional product offered by Pipeline Packaging. This UN Rated pail is designed for maximum efficiency and safety, making it an ideal choice for industries requiring the secure storage and transportation of various materials. The buff epoxy phenolic lining provides superior resistance to chemicals, ensuring the integrity and purity of contents such as adhesives, lubricants, and construction materials. The vibrant blue color of the pail not only makes it easily identifiable but also adds to its aesthetic appeal in any industrial setting.

This Tight Head Steel Pail boasts the highest UN Rating, reflecting its quality and safety standards. Its closed head design and rust inhibitor lining work together to prevent corrosion, extending the life of the pail and ensuring the safe containment of its contents. Additionally, the pail's stackable design optimizes storage space and facilitates easier transportation. The durable galvanized handle enhances its practicality, allowing for easy and secure handling in various operational environments.

Pipeline Packaging's commitment to quality and innovation is evident in the incorporation of Triplex Technology® in this steel pail. This advanced technology fortifies the top and bottom seams with a triple-seam, using seven layers of steel instead of the standard five. This extra reinforcement, achieved through a new computer-controlled feedback loop welder, results in a smoother Triplex® weld seam. This not only improves the pail’s external appearance but also reduces sharp burrs on the interior lining, enhancing safety and usability.

Pipeline offers a wide range of UN-Rated Tight Head Steel Pails, catering to diverse storage needs across various industries. These steel pails are available in multiple colors, sizes, openings, fittings, and closures, and are proudly made in the USA. Customers can choose from capacities ranging from 1-Gallon to 6.8-Gallon, with options for both lined and unlined pails. Additionally, Pipeline provides customization options such as lithography and interior coating, allowing for a tailored approach to meet specific requirements. For those in need of high-quality steel pails, Pipeline’s knowledgeable team is ready to assist. Contact us at 877.242.1880 or start an online request for a quote to find the perfect steel pail solution for your business.

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